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Vision, Mission, Strategy​

Our planet changes continuously, not least because mankind builts, cultivates, destroys, etc. So, information outdates quickly. Satellites, aircraft and drones collect data on our habitat frequently. NEO uses these data to monitor our habitat and provides the analytics to update the information you want to rely on.

Better information, better decisions, better planet.

NEO provides unique information services. We start with signalling the changes in our habitat and we enrich the information for each object we monitor: a building, a tree, a road segment, a water course, a solar panel, etc. With these services we help our customers to meet their ESG-objectives. Of course we keep on innovating our services.

We perform this activity for all buildings, trees, roads, etc. in The Netherlands. We monitor hundreds of millions of these objects many times per year with an umatched accuracy and completeness. Value-added data services are on offer in our API. Examples are in crop management and control, tax register updates, insurance, pipeline monitoring, tree maintenance, etc. We work with you to customize the information you provide to your users and customers.


Our core values are integrity and openness. We monitor the planet because we care. Our people are smart, communicative and direct. It is important to learn and keep learning. We work hard to stay at the highest level of technology and work with universities and knowledge institutes in one ecosystem. We innovate by listening to our customers and oblige ourselves to successfully introduce at least one innovative service per year. We are an international group of around 30 geo-informatics specialists, developers and business developers and growing. We feel at home in our offices in  Amersfoort in the heart of The Netherlands. We have English as our working language. 


Our strengths are in image processing, object recognition and change detection with artificial intelligence. Often we serve our customers by partnering with the best companies in their field. We jointly implement projects and develop services. Partners are welcome to build services on our API.

We partner in:

– Het Coöperatief Boomregister U.A. (Tree Register);

– NEVASCO (international Dutch remote sensing value adding company group)

We use products of PCI-Geomatics from Canada and are their local representative. We use imagery from all providers and are reseller for European Space Imaging and Planet Labs.

Information Security, Quality management, CO2 and Social responsability

NEO obtained the ISO27001-certificate for Information Security in 2017 and is improving its standards continuously. We are ISO9001 certified since 2011. We use the certificates to keep focus on quality and security issues in all work processes. The PDCA cycle (plan-do-check-act) is fully embedded and working.

NEO has obtained the CO2-ladder certificate and reports its CO2-accounts.

We meet our Corporate Social Responsability in a number of activities we undertake.


SignalEyes helps its users to be more effective in what they do: faster and better information = better decisions, lower costs, more satisfaction, less spill, etc.

SignalEyes is our solution for monitoring with earth observation data as well as big data from other sources. Monitoring is signalling changes and interpreting these changes. SignalEyes provides customized change signals to its users and enriched content on the objects of their interest, a crop a building, etc. Our users have interests in:

  • Construction and demolition of buildings and parts of buildings (real estate tax, building permits, map updating, possible conflicts with underground infrastructure
  • Logging, cutting and planting of trees, e.g. we know all 100 million trees in The Netherlands
  • Changes in roads, railroads and water courses for a variety of purposes
  • Changes in agricultural parcels in geometry, physical aspects and crop as well as crop management activities
  • Changes in natural terrain with respect to changes in cover, shape, fire

SignalEyes uses an object approach assimilating imagery from most earth observing instruments. The SignalEyes infrastructure and patented AI-based algorithms ‘watch over the objects’ the world consists of (buildings, trees, water courses, roads, railroads, terrains). Spatial changes are signalled and classified and reported to you in the language you work with. In SignalEyes we produce Calls-to-Action for the changes you really want to know.

The ‘Calls to Action’ can be sent as text messages or they can be consulted in our API and webservices. The data of course contain quality parameters, source data, etc. A CtA is unequivocal and can also be used to check afterward whether the CtA has been executed correctly. That is the SignalEyes method.